Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Er, since I was too lazy to scan anything (new sketches and stuff) I decided to take pictures! But my pictures turned out blurry because I'm tired, so my next post will have my character stuff in it. Old characters! Redesignedish! STILL GOODIES, RIGHTRIGHT??

But for now I have some concepts for a story that I'm also using for my Digital Design class. We have to make a poster for an event, and being the boring person I am, I chose a movie poster! Woo! I'm billing it as Brokeback Mountain meets Gossip Girl meets The Great Gatsby, but it's like.. more retarded than that, and not necessarily in a good way LOL.


Ashley Van Dam (Duke Hardly) is a hard-partying rich boy who thinks of nothing but status and material possessions. He lives a drug-addled youth in the Upper East Side with his rich acquaintances and on-and-off girlfriend, Amelia (Leila Angelo). However, this all changes when he leaves Amelia's 18th birthday party after discovering that she has been less than faithful to him. Ashley visits a quiet cafe in the middle of the night, only to meet a charismatic and mysterious waiter he only knows by the name Nate (Cain Ambrosio). He is confused and bothered by his desire to get to know Nate, as he is not only the opposite of the people Ashley usually associates with, but that he is also male. His disturbing attraction to Nate is overshadowed by the mysterious disappearance of the very object of his obsession and yet another secret that Amelia has yet to reveal.

BAD SKETCHHH of characters (done in the dark in digital design but I LOVE TOMBO PENS YAY)

Amelia, Nate, Ashley


  1. i cant even see ur pictures. upload it on blogspot, not LJ. im so over LJ
    gossip mountain is so hot. u should put chrissy in for a cameo

  2. Hahaha omg eastwood
    Anyway leslie your characters are hot. Keep it up!