Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dreamers Arabesque (temp title)

I thought I would introduce characters now and post pictures later~
This is a really old story that I began when I was in 7th-8th grade that I randomly pooped out. It doesn't really have any underlying themes as of this point. It's just kind of one of those real-life-ish stories with larger-than-life characters. What do you expect? I was like, 14... LOL Of course I've made a few tweaks and anyone who remembers my characters (from that long aog, probably not) will probably dieeee knowing what kind of torture I subject my characters too. Lots and lots of torture.

Basically, the story is about intertwined relationships in the entertainment industry--all that are relatively linked. Cast is ethnically diverse to a certain point (don't laugh) and strange and twisted blahblah. And gay. Don't forget GAY. Added a few new characters, but for the most part some of these guys are really old.

Also, I was thinking of scanning some of my old character sketches of these guys along with my new ones. That'll be super fun.

Dominic Chang: the main character. He's 17 at the start of narration, but his back story goes back to when he was around 8. Dom is Hakka Chinese and German, but grew up in London and was a childhood friend of Maria. He went to boarding school in Switzerland when he was 10, but dropped out at the age of 13 to debut as a classical concert pianist. While he is an immensely talented player, his love for rock music and piercings also skyrocketed him to fame among the international 'it' crowd. He is slightly introverted, but extroverted to a point where he caught the eye of Takashi Yamashita, an up-and-coming fashion designer who has deemed Dom his new muse (even though hes male hoho!) His sexuality/relationships are closely guarded by his publicist, but he can't help his more base desires. His dark past (which led him to leave school) also comes back to haunt him when he meets Marc.

Marc de Marque or Marcel to some of his more retarded friends, is a 20 year old philandering actor who first debuted in France, and has since gained more attention among critics for his daring roles in films. He is obsessed with beautiful things, and becomes fascinated with Dom the second he meets him. However, his playboy ways keep him from coming off as a serious love interest to Dom, and his busy schedule keeps him jetsetting around the world. Marc is very open about his sexuality (supposedly bi LOL) and his interest in men and women.

Maria Ambrosia is an 18 year old Japanese and Brazilian supermodel. She grew up with Dominic and has harbored a crush for him ever since she was young. She debuted when she was 15, but has since been struggling to stay relevant in the fashion industry. She is extremely insecure about younger girls in her field of work, and while she is in denial that Dom might be gay, she is a loyal friend. She is very sweet and generally very nice to the people around her, and is often called 'the starlet.'

Alicia Lands is a 16 year old model who has recently risen to the heights of fame. Her edgy look has caught the eye of 'it' designer Takashi Yamashita, and she stars with Dom in Yamashita's newest casual line campaign. She is very energetic and friendly, and has become especially close to Dom. She is a wild child of mysterious origin, but is also caring to an extent. While she is bubbly and full of life, she has not yet experienced the more sordid side of the industry, a fault that Maria despises her for.

Lana McCullough is Maria's primary rival. She debuted a little after Maria and was and is still considered one of the most promising and demanded models in the industry. She is haughty and arrogant and has a past with Marc. While Lana was the face of Yamashita for two seasons, she has since been dropped by the design house in favor of Alicia. She hates Dom because he fascinates Marc.

Arin is the lead singer of the band Hysterik, and is Dom's boyfriend. However, with their conflicting schedules they rarely see each other. Because of this, while Arin is still devoted and in love with Dom, Dom has begun to lose interest as his busy life begins to consume any sort of private time he once had.


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