Friday, January 22, 2010


Who doesn't like school girls? I might post more of these later...

I haven't been updating at ALL! I'm sorry... I don't really have much. I have a few excuses (moving, school starting) but none of them are very good. I'm just a little bit lazy. Last term was really good--got my grades back and everything went smoothly and surprisingly well. I'm excited for this term! Things are going to be hard and interesting and hopefully pay off. I had a bit of a drawing slump during the break but now I am trying my best to get back into it!

I also have some things you should check out
My Tumblr where I post random stuff--things that I think are beautiful/inspirational/interesting and some things that are just stupid that I enjoy laughing at.
I also have a makeup/every day life blog but I doubt people following this blog would be very interested in that.
I kind of wish I could transfer my addiction to making blogs into motivation to post drawings. :) Again, sorry! I really promise to be better about it this term since I am spending much more time at school and will be around the giant scanners more often than not.

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