Thursday, February 12, 2009


I need to put my scanner to work but I'm so lazy lately I really hate my life and some of my classes this term

inventive character (the Snow Queen)
I took some liberties on the design/story but let's just consider it canon, okay?

Inspired by iregret

Just... random

I have lots of sketchbook shit oh my god why don't I just scan it?! Yea I don't get it either. I bought this animal book today so I'll be drawing animals and fat people and all that.


  1. bigger pictures pls, the blow-ups are still tiny! i want to see ze details!

    glad to see you updating blogger, though

  2. thanks, you're really kick ass yourself. i like your style. aren't we friends on fb?
    i'll add you to my links list :) i like your art.

  3. Scanning can be such a hassle if you wait too long ;o; But, aaah! Fantastic stuff!

  4. uuugh I love your style so much, it's so loose and free with just the right amount of detail. UNF.

    I AM...going to follow your blog if that's okay with you :>

  5. LOVE your Snow Queen-- followed you here from DA and I must say that I really like seeing the detail shot of her face.