Monday, June 9, 2008

WOW I do NOT post here...

Recently my scanner broke/chose to stop working. Incidentally I have made a resolution with Christie to start drawing at LEAST 5 pages in our sketchbooks. I'm starting tomorrow/today. Of course, after I finish my fucking fucking homework. SHIT!

I'm going to try to figure out the scanner situation and update this more frequently. 3rd term review in two weeks.


  1. ahhhhh frick, yeah post more, i need to draw more too T-T god i love you and your art. visit me?

  2. Do you hafta force yourself to draw in your sketchbook? I always feel like that's so unnatural D:

  3. wow i can't believe you're fourth term already!! you are my inspiration every day and night :) I can't wait to see your work this term ~ post!